About Us

Export Management Company is a completely independent private company that acts as an export .sales department for its contracted companies

The main reason for the formation of Vendorrado was the need for manufacturers of products and services to receive specialized marketing services to enter the markets of Middle Eastern countries and gain market share internationally.

According to the goals and philosophy of Vendorrado, we based the company’s main policy on providing specialized services to bring quality products and services to global markets.

Logistics and freight services

Market research and feasibility study

Product marketing and sales services

find agent

Product identification – price discovery – contract

Inspection and validation services

Our Services

Representative of domestic suppliers in target markets

 In this form of service delivery, export management companies, as the main supplier representative by operating in the target market, operate marketing and customer acquisition activities.

Export Consultant

Export consultants usually do not accept the ownership of export goods, but receive a consulting fee in exchange for providing consulting services for each export project during the conclusion of the consulting contract.

Distributor of supplier products in the target

market In some cases, the company, as an exclusive distributor of supplier products, enters the target market with its name and brand, based on the purchase and acquisition of the product at the source.


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