Trade in any way requires transportation, and all people who intend to import or export goods seek to receive distinctive and reliable services in the field of international transportation of goods. Transportation of goods requires compliance with special requirements without which it is not possible to export and import.

Different modes of transportation, how to pack, taking into account international rules including the latest changes to Incoterms 2020, and some other things are among the important issues that should be considered in international shipping.

Today, the transportation of goods in the field of international trade is done in many different ways. Vendorrado Export Management Company, as a native export management company in Iran and the Persian Gulf countries, with a full understanding of the needs of import applicants from the countries of the region, provides a variety of air, sea, road and rail transportation services.

Air transport

Vendorrado Export Management Company in the field of international air transport has designed and provided a wide range of services to be able to best meet all the diverse needs of its customers in this field.

  • Receipt from the sender’s door and deliver it to the receiver’s door.
    • Receipt from the door of the sender and delivery at the destination airport.
    • Receipt from the airport of origin and door-to-door delivery to the recipient.
    • Receive goods from the airport of origin to the airport of destination
    • Transportation of postal items and postal deposits (air delivery of postal items (
    • Carrying bulky and heavy goods
    • Carry small packages
    • Fast shipping service (fast post (
    • Door-to-door transportation service
    • Possibility of customs clearance in the destination country based on various Incoterms forms that meet your needs (DDP, DAP, DDU)

At Vendorrado, we strive to provide our customers with a smooth and comfortable transportation route.


Due to the importance and use of maritime transport in the route of import and export from the Middle East and the Persian Gulf, we in Vendorrado tried to provide maritime transport services in the best way and with the highest quality standards. Let our customers know that the most important services in this area include the following

  • Shipping from the transmitter door to the receiver door
  • Shipping from the door of the sender to the port of destination
  • Sea transportation from the port of origin to the port of destination

Land transport :


rail transport

Due to Iran’s proximity to land borders entering Asia and Europe, the land transportation industry has long had a special place among traders, importers and exporters, and other trading partners with Iran.

Although in the meantime, the relations between Iran and the European Union have undergone many changes, this trend has continued and a significant volume of goods imported from Iran has been imported to European countries by land transport.

Land transportation is one of the oldest methods of transporting goods in the world.

Two major methods of land transportation includeroad transportation:

road transportation

Most importers and exporters from Middle Eastern countries, including Iran, who work with European companies are customers of the road transport service. Those who have large and heavy goods in any way that are not worth transporting by plane and do not have the time to be transported by sea, resort to road or rail transport.

One of the advantages of road transport is the need for less capital. In addition, this method does not require unloading by port cranes and does not pose a risk of storms and rains in maritime transport. Road transport is suitable for transporting sensitive goods such as breakable containers and glass containers, which have a high risk of damage in the handling process. Road transport is also much faster than rail and sea transport.

railroad transportation

Freight transportation by train and wagon Today, due to the development of rail transportation infrastructure in Iran and the Middle East countries, has a high share in the import of goods from the origin of these countries and international transit.

It is economical to transport cargo by train and at the same time it is suitable for transporting goods in high quantities on land routes and due to having large and safe wagons, it is able to transport bulky goods safely, safely through There are railways.

Many of the world’s top economies, including China, the United States, Russia, Germany, France, Brazil and Argentina, are flagships in the development of rail transport.

This method, like other cases of transportation, has rules that are done under the rules of international transportation of goods. Many agents and individuals are involved in the delivery of products, raw materials and commercial goods to the destination customer.

The use of rail transport fleet in international transport is suitable for industrial cargo, wood and iron, raw materials and for large goods.

Composite transfer

Sometimes it is not possible to use a single method in international transport and it is necessary to use several methods at the same time. Since the warehouse of buyers and sellers is usually far from the port, airport and train stations, it is necessary to use trucks along with these methods of transportation.

Vendorrado Export Management Company is with you in importing goods from Iran and Middle Eastern countries, from registering product orders to delivery in your warehouse. Our company has the ability to provide services from all over the Middle East to the whole world by benefiting from various transportation companies.

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