Export Services

Market research and feasibility study

To enter any market in the world, you need to know it accurately, and this knowledge is possible through market research.
Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about the target market and potential customers of a product or service. This research is done on different market characteristics, consumption patterns, economic and social conditions, and needs of the target market, as well as the characteristics of competitors and the industry in which you operate.

Find agent

Many manufacturers grant representation to local companies in export destination countries in order to have an active and continuous presence in foreign markets and to stabilize the sales share of these markets.

Product marketing and sales services

After reviewing foreign markets and deciding to enter a new market, the next steps include: Developing the right marketing strategies, which include how to enter the market strategy, market position strategy, product and brand strategy, pricing strategy, strategy Supply and product advertising and promoting strategy.

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