Import Services

Product identification – price discovery – contract

Choosing an imported product is a specialized decision and should be based on knowledge and experience, and many market research and sales forecasting topics play an effective role in it.

If you enter the field of importing goods with little information; You may waste your financial resources and human capital.

Inspection and validation services

Applicants for imports of goods are often concerned about two issues and ask questions

First: The credit of the company is the supplier of the product

Second: Ensuring the quality of purchased products

Concerns about the seller not being a scammer and also the compliance of the quality of the purchased product with the characteristics proposed by the buyer of the goods have always been and are considered challenging issues in the matter of import.

Logistics and freight services

Trade in any way requires transportation, and all people who intend to import or export goods seek to receive distinctive and reliable services in the field of international transportation of goods. Transportation of goods requires compliance with special requirements without which it is not possible to export and import.

Different modes of transportation, how to pack, taking into account international rules including the latest changes to Incoterms 2020, and some other things are among the important issues that should be considered in international shipping.

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