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Who We Are

Vendorrado Export Management Company has provided quality and exceptional service as a specialized group in the field of export and import in order to striving to meet the increasing and diversified demands of the customers.

In general, an EMC is a specialist in international marketing and global trading that acts as the export department for several manufacturers. an EMC will not work with firms that are in competition with its existing clients.

As an EMC company, our main activities are in the following two ways:

A: Export and supply of goods from the Middle East

  • Cooperating with regional producers and suppliers and providing integrated services for exporting raw materials, products and services produced in the Middle East to world markets.
  • Cooperation and provision of sourcing services and supply of goods and services to companies and factories in other parts of the world to meet the needs and imports from Middle Eastern countries.

B: Export and supply of goods to the Middle East market:

  • Cooperation with different companies in the world, especially SMEs, and providing complete marketing services and goods entering the Middle East markets.
  • Cooperation and providing services to businessmen and companies active in the Middle East in order to communicate with manufacturers around the world and import goods to regional markets or receive representation from foreign companies.

The Vendorrado Group philosophy is place the utmost importance on acting with integrity in all business activities.

What We Do

We provide our services in the field of entry process, presence, survival and share development in Middle East markets and supply products in these markets.

SMEs are always involved with various challenges in order to be present in new markets and benefit from the market share in different and distant markets.

limited resources such as skill & talent shortages, managing expansion, attracting new customers, coping with market competition the reasons SMEs can gain by working through export management companies

Also, due to the lack of complete knowledge of these markets, they do not have proper access to the sources of raw materials and production intermediates in these markets.

In Vendorrado, our services are in two areas according to meet SMEs needs:

1.Export services

2. Import services

Export Services

The Middle East, as the beating heart of the world’s energy and the connecting point of three continents, is one of the most important points in the world and is receiving the attention of the whole world. This region, containing a wide range of ethnic groups and cultures, as well as a population of more than 410 million people, is considered as one of the most attractive consumer markets for entering goods. Little attention is paid to this market by any interested producer It leads to a big mistake in exporting and a significant loss.

In order to enter and be present in the markets of the Middle East, the need to know the cultural and social conditions of the societies of this region and the tastes and needs of the people in these countries is the main issue. Also, knowing the commercial relations in these markets and the principles of product entry and distribution in different countries of the region is a point that can determine your failure or success.

Our specialized services in the field of supplying goods and services are designed to gain market share of the Middle East.

Feasibility Study & Market Research

Feasibility study is our specialty.

we know strengths and weaknesses of the target market, opportunities, and threats in target market, resources needed for an effective and profitable presence in target market are examined, and finally, a factual perspective is presented.

Find Agent

We do all stages of finding a potential representative, negotiating sales agreement, drafting agreement and negotiating to protect the interests of your company and your business partner.

Product Marketing

We have product sales and distribution networks in target countries in addition our experienced team are familiar with the consumer culture and tendency of customers’ preference of the region, we monitor the market well so that you get the highest market share in the region

Import Services

Be sure that in any business you have, you always need goods or services that others are producing and providing. This cycle continues all over the world.

Every business needs raw materials, intermediate products, or special services for its activity in order to be able to produce and market its final product. For many companies, searching and discovering their needs, with the best quality and the most suitable price, is a big and time-consuming challenge. For this reason, the presence of a company that oversees and dominates the area of origin of raw material supply or services can help various companies in finding first-hand and quality resources at the most competitive possible prices.

As one of the leading exporters of goods and services from the Middle East, provide extensive and attractive services in the field of supply of goods and services to all businesses in all parts of the world to find their needs from the Middle East countries.

Product Identification

Vendorrado EMC has provided a safe and secure way in order to product identification for those interested in importing goods and services from Middle East.

Inspection And Validation Services

We providing validation services for all buyer and seller companies through official international authorities, as well as verifying health and quality of goods.

Logistics And Freight Services

We are part of an international network of air, sea, rail and road transport import-export, allowing us to operate on a global scale with the most competitive prices and high security of goods.

At Vendorrado, our behavior is what defines us. We believe that transparency leads to greater accountability and performance improvement so we strive the best companies to achieve the best positions in the global markets.