Find agent

Find agent

Many manufacturers grant representation to local companies in export destination countries in order to have an active and continuous presence in foreign markets and to stabilize the sales share of these markets.

The use of agency strategies or representation strategies has attractive benefits for exporters , including:

  • Use of a local marketing network focused on the target market
  • Benefit from the product distribution potential of the sales representative company
  • Ability to receive feedback from target market consumers and detailed analysis of local consumer needs
  • Ability to accurately manage product sales in the target market and determine sales targets
  • Facilitate transportation, warehousing and customs operations and reduce costs

necessary to know

There are various strategies to find resellers that each exporter uses the best option according to their goals and prospects.

In order to be an agent in different countries and use its benefits, it is necessary to know enough about the applicant companies and analyze their capabilities and the degree of compliance with the needs and goals of the product exporter.

vendorrado provides sales agency services and implementation of accreditation processes to applicant companies using resident and local experts to all companies interested in entering the markets of Iran and West Asia.