Product marketing

Product marketing

After reviewing foreign markets and deciding to enter a new market, the next steps include: Developing the right marketing strategies, which include how to enter the market strategy, market position strategy, product and brand strategy, pricing strategy, strategy Supply and product advertising and promoting strategy.

It is clear that the development of these strategies will be done taking into account the needs of the target market. The results of international market research help firms and companies to develop strategies tailored to the needs and wants of the target market. Finally, after formulating marketing strategies based on the selected target market, it is time to find the people or companies who are buying the product in the target market. Buyers across the border, depending on the type of product, include manufacturers, traders, distributors, and suppliers, and there are various ways to find them.

Main challenges

The main challenges of export marketing include selecting the appropriate markets or countries through marketing research, marketing operations and customer acquisition and product sales in various markets.

The main challenges in the product marketing process in foreign markets that cause failure in these markets include the following:

  • Lack of accurate knowledge of potential customers
  • Lack of familiarity with the standards required for the product to enter the target market
  • Inability to market due to distance from the target market and lack of knowledge of market participants
  • Lack of sufficient knowledge about the social context of the market and end consumers

To solve these problems

To solve these problems, you must either be directly present in your target market or get help from a group of experts, residents and fluent in market conditions to perform marketing and sales services.

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